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2600mm White Board Paper Making Machine


2600mm paper machine is for 30-40tpd whiteboard paper making, the whiteboard paper machine technical data and details is following:

Whiteboard Paper Machine

Types of products: white board and so on.

Paper base weight: 80-800 g/m2

Net of paper width: 2600mm

Rail distance: 3600mm

Nominal capacity: 30-40t/d

Working speed: 20-80m/min

Designed speed: 100m/min

Transmission type: AC frequency fractional driver

2600mm Whiteboard Paper Machine Parts

1. Wire part: It consists of three sets cylinder formers and back device.

2. Pressing part: Press section has two pre-press, two main press and a blanket press. Fourdrinier part lead the wet part to the pre-press, when it is dry enough, it comes to the fist press. Main press adopts air cylinder forcing, the press felts are equipped with corrector, tensioner and so on.

3. Dryer part: In order to guarantee the drying capacity of the kiln dry part. This paper machine has two groups of 1500mm and they are divided into 6+6. Every dry fabric is equipped with pneumatic corrector and electric tensioner. The kiln dry part drive is open gear, the bearings of the dry cylinder are rolling bearings.

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