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Making Pulp from Recovered Paper

Recycled paper is a type of paper that completely or partially consists of recycled fibres. These fibres can have very different origins and therefore also very different characteristics when it comes to being a component in new paper. Kraft, corrugated paper, paperboard, newsprint, t-paper, tissue .etc are the products primarily produced using recycled paper as raw material.

Collected paper must first be sorted into different categories. The sorting can take place either directly in the paper mill or at special sorting stations. How the sorting takes place depends to a large extent on how the collection of the paper takes place, which varies from country to country. In most cases bales or loose paper waste is transported to the Stock Preparation Equipment using conveyor belts.

Stock Preparation Equipment / Paper Pulp Machine

The paper pulp machine includes: pulper, screening, refiner, cleaner, conveyor & agitator, thickener equipment. The pulp equipment used in the paper making industry has been exported to 128 countries, and Zhengzhou Leizhan has a good reputation at home and abroad.

Different types of Stock Preparation Equipment are available and each has its own method of reduction. The right machine for the task is the one that can add energy most efficiently for the application.

Leizhan manufactures a full paper pulping line — drum pulper, d type hydrapulper, chain conveyor, bale breaker, pressure screen, reject separator, light impurities separator, and so on, for the Kraft Paper, Corrugated Paper, Coating Board Paper, Culture Paper and Tissue Paper. Materials processed fall into broad categories including abrasive, non-abrasive, wet or dry, sticky and friable. Leizhan's experience evaluating these factors helps target the correct equipment for each unique project.

Pulper Equipment

Leizhan Pulper Equipment is mainly used for pulping and screening of waste paper in high efficiency, which includes Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, High Consistency Pulper, Drum Screen, etc.

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Screening Equipment

We offer advanced screening equipment for coarse and fine screening of waste paper pulp to achieve optimum end product quality, and it is mainly about Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen…

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Refiner Equipment

Refining equipment is mainly applied for pulping various raw material like wood pulp, mechanical pulp, cotton pulp, waste paper pulp… and improving the breaking degree to meet paper making needs.

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Cleaner Equipment

Leizhan cleaning machine ZSC series high-consistency cleaner and KH series Low-density cleaner is mainly used to remove heavy impurities in paper pulp like staples, metal, stones, glasses, gravel, dust, sand, large ink particles, etc.

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Conveyor & Agitator

Conveying equipment is used for transporting various kinds of bales or loose paper waste with horizontal / inclined type. Pulp Agitator is used to stir pulp cyclically in chest to maintain the pulp liquid in ...

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Thickener Equipment

Thickening equipment is mainly used to wash and thicken for all kinds of paper pulp. Leizhan high efficiency thickeners can improve the consistency and quality of recycled pulps greatly.

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