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4400mm Coated White Paperboard Machine


Five-wire coated paperboard machine, with 4400mm net paper width, mainly used for copying coated paperboard. The 4400mm coated white paperboard machine is mainly divided into the following parts: heabox, long wire section, pressing part, front drying section, oblique surface sizing machine, rear drying part, inner coating, calender part, coiling part.

4400mm Coated Paper Machine Main Tech Para

Product kind: excellent coated white paper

Copy quantity: 230~400g/m²

Net paper width: 4400mm

Working speed: 600m/min

Design speed: 650m/min

Balance speed: 700m/min

Transmission mode: AC variable frequency control sub-transmission

Main drive power 5579kW (excluding coating, calendering, sizing)

Production capacity: 800t/d

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