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Coating Board Paper Production Line

Leizhan has the ability to provide a complete set of coating board paper production turnkey projects for paper mills, using waste paper, wood pulp and white shavings as raw materials to produce high-quality white board paper, liner board paper, T paper, etc. The entire coated board paper production project consists of two parts: pulp production line and paper production line.

Coating Board Paper Making Line Specification

1.pulp production line
First, the raw materials are transported to the drum pulper through a chain conveyor for pulping. Large and heavy impurities present will be removed in a high density cleaner.
Secondly, to screen and remove various impurities in the pulp, vibrating screen, low density cleaner, middle consistency pressure screen or inclined thickener can be chosen.
Finally, the waste paper is turned into fine pulp after a series of screening and slag removal, and is transported to the headbox for paper making.
2.paper making production line
Approximately includes a forming part, press part,  dryer part,  sizing part, calendering part, rewinder part

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