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D-Type Hydrapulper Equipment Maintenance


D-Type Hydrapulper Equipment is mainly for paper pulping, in the operation of D-type hydrapulper equipment, some maintenance of d-type hydrapulper should be noticed.

1. Regularly check the lubrication condition of the running parts of d-type hydrapulper equipment. Every two weeks of the rolling bearing, add the No. 2 calcium-sodium-based grease once a year and clean and replace it once a year.

2. Always check the d-type hydrapulper equipment. The bolts must not be loosened. The motor must not exceed the rated current. When the temperature of the bearing exceeds 35°C, check the machine.

3. Prevent metal and other coarse hard debris falling into the slurry tank.

4. Regularly check the rotor blade wear conditions, when the rotor blade and the end of the screen knife blade wear, the pulping efficiency is reduced, should replace the worn blade.

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