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Different Paper Machine Wire Section


Paper machine wire section is all for wet paper sheet forming, but the wire section of different types paper machine has different structure.

Wire Section Of Different Paper Machine

Fourdrinier Paper Machine Wire Section: Chest roller and table roller part is for removing 65% to 85% water in the paper sheet; Vacuum suction box part is for removing 10% to 25% moisture, and compacting the wet paper; Vacuum couch roller part is for wet paper mechanical compression, further removing the moisture, increasing paper tightness and wet strength.

Twin-Wire Paper Machine Wire Section: The twin-wire paper machine wire section is composed of two endless copper wires. The pulp from the headbox is directly into the gap between the two equal-speed wire, first dehydrate by the pulp gravity, and then dehydrate by the two wires squeeze. The inside of the two wires have a few wire rollers or dewatering plate, so that the two wires folded, and scraping away the filtered water. This kind of wire section dehydration effect is good, occupied area is small, the paper sheet two sides is consistent, the fiber binds evenly.

Cylinder Mould Paper Machine Wire Section: The cylinder mould paper machine wire section consists of cylinder vat, cylinder mould and couch roller. The cylinder mould rotates in the cylinder vat, the pulp is filtered on the wire, paper sheet formed on the wire. In front of the cylinder vat with a regulating box to ensure the uniformity of pulp transporting, baffle rectifier device equipped in the front of cylinder vat to make the pulp flow rate stable.

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