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High Quality Paper Making Machine

For paper mill project, we supply high quality paper making machine. It contains tissue paper machine, toilet paper machine, kraft paper machine, corrugated paper machine, etc.

Expect paper machine, we also provide whole paper production line, paper pulping line. And these equipment has great price and performance.

High Quality Paper Making Machine Details

1. Tissue toilet paper machine
Paper kind: tissue paper, toilet paper, napkin paper, facial paper
Some specification: 5 – 50t/d
2. Kraft paper production machine: 30 – 750t/d
Paper kind: kraft paper
3. Corrugated paper equipment
Paper type: high-strength corrugated paper
Production capacity: 15 – 500t/d
4. Cultural paper making machine
Output paper: cultural paper, office paper, a4 paper, writing paper, printing paper
Production capacity: 20 – 270t/d

As a manufacturer, we will give your professional technical solution and service depend on your demand. For the cost and details of high quality paper making machine, or other equipment for your paper mill project, welcome to contact us.

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