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High-Speed Paper Making Machine

High-Speed Paper Making Machine

Paper Making Machine can divided into kraft paper machine, corrugated paper Machine, tissue paper making machine, coating board paper machine, and high-grade cultural paper machine. High-Speed Paper Making Machcine can save energy, reduce the production cost for paper mills. Paper industry all like high quality and high-speed paper machine, but high-speed paper making machine influenced by many factors in waste paper recycling process.

High-Speed Paper Making Machcine Influence Factors

Cleanliness: Not only the workshop environment, but also the pulp system should be kept clean. Any part of the uncleanliness may cause all kinds of paper defects.

Stabilization: Stable pulp can maintain stability of the paper machine process parameters, then paper machine can stable and high-speed work.

Pulp even: Pulp should be lateral even distributed in paper making machine.

Dehydration: The dewatering rate of the wire section determines the length of the wire section and the speed of the paper , and the higher the better.

Equipment: Containing a lot of air pulp is not easy to dehydrate, and will restrict the speed of paper machine, so the pulp degassing equipment is must; The headbox is equipped with a side stream to replenish the pulp to control the fiber orientation and contribute to high speed operation; The effect of the sheet stabilizer is to allow the paper to fit the fabric or the stable operation of the dry net to meet the needs of high speed.

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