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How To Install Vibrating Screen

Pulping equipment vibrating screen consists of sieve body, vibration exciter, vibration-damping spring, slurry tank, water spray pipe, and flexible coupling. Paper worker need to install equipment properly to ensure it operate normally.

Installation Method

1. According to the size of foundation drawing, position of center line and foundation of pouring shall be determined. The position deviation of reserved hole of foundation bolt shall not exceed 10 mm.
2. After the foundation is cured, base hole is cleaned, threaded part of anchor bolt is oiled, penetrated into the bolt hole of machine, the nut is placed, and wedge-shaped horn is placed on the foundation.
3. Hang the equipment on the horn and insert bolt into reserved hole so that the center line of equipment coincides with the basic center line.
4. Adjust the vertical and horizontal level of equipment so that the elevation and level of equipment meet the requirements and grout into bolt hole once.
5. After the curing period, accurately correct the axial level of machine, tighten the foot nut and perform secondary grouting.
6. Check the motor steering. The motor should rotate in the direction of slag discharge end above the wheel.

With its unique features of perfect screening effect, stable running, low noise and easy maintenance, vibrating screen has been widely used in paper making line as an ideal pulping equipment. If you have interest in this pulping machine vibrating screen, please feel free to contact with me: leizhanpulper@gmail.com.

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