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How To Solve The Slime Pulp In Paper Making Process?


Slime Pulp will affect paper quality in paper making process. The slime pulp will formed yellow or green coral points or holes on the paper when papermaking, even occur broken ends in press section. So how to solve the slime pulp problems in paper making process?

Slime Pulp Solution In Paper Making Process

1. Improve process and equipment: Try to make the feeding system before paper machine to simplify, reduce or shorten the unnecessary process, the system should be sealed, that is, use the closed cleaning and screening equipment, while paying attention to discharge the air regularly in sealed system. Without affecting the operation of paper machine, as far as possible to improve all parts flow speed.

2. Use the fungicides: The use of chloramine, chlorophenol, and organic nitrogen fertilizer and sulfur compounds as a fungicide. More effective way is using effective chlorine for sterilization in the water treatment system, can control the propagation of bacteria.

3. Regularly clean the equipment to keep the system clean. also can use the liquor to thoroughly clean.

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