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Paper Machine Dryer Section Paper Defects


Paper machine dryer section paper defects is less compared to paper machine wire section, but it can not be ignored, so what’s the paper defects in paper machine dryer section and how to avoid it?

Dryer Section Paper Defects

Paper machine dryer section paper defects is generally water droplets, dry-screen printing, the paper strip caused by paper defects, which caused by dryer felt defects; Folding and cord caused by sizing machine.

Dryer Section Paper Defects Attention

1. The evaporation water of paper sheet should be promptly removed, otherwise it will condense water droplets. Black water droplets and dry screen printing are related to this.

2. Due to improper chemical, single wire often stick some debris, will result in defects in paper surface, and paper strip after coating; Dryer cylinder surface without doctor blade sometimes may stick some foreign objects; Sometimes the dryer cylinder doctor blade left a large piece of paper after paper guiding, the paper will also scratch paper surface, resulting in strip of soft calender roller.

3. Polyester dryer felt has a certain service life, should be replaced regularly, otherwise the aging dryer felt will affect paper machine operation, it is a consumable product and fragile product, pay attention to dryer felt protection in dealing with dryer cylinder wrapping paper and other events, damaged dryer felt also have the possibility of destroying paper.

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