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Paper Machine Dryer Section Sealing Hood


Paper machine dryer section sealing hood with the highest value in paper machine ventilation system, it’s a very important equipment for paper machine. The dryer hood must meet the following functions to meet paper machine operation needs.

Paper Machine Sealing Hood Design

1. Provide a closed high temperature environment in paper making production line for the paper sheet drying and reduce the exhaust volume, improve the heat recovery efficiency of air hood.

2. The sealing hood must be convenient for the paper machine monitoring, operation and maintenance in paper machine production line. It must be convenient to guide paper and change roller.

3. High temperature and humidity in paper machine sealing hood, particularly easy to cause condensation, so the hood design must completely eliminate the condensation dripping of hood roof.

4. The gas in paper machine air hood is not distributed to the workshop as far as possible.

5. Paper machine air hood should be able to adjust the vertical exhaust air rate to ensure the paper sheet required exhaust air rate in dryer section.

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