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Pulp Bleaching In Paper Making Process


Pulp bleaching is necessary in paper making process, so why it’s necessary in paper pulping line and what’s the pulp bleaching effect?

Pulp Bleaching Effect

The purpose of pulp bleaching in paper making process is to remove the residual lignin and pigment in the pulp after cooking, to improve the pulp whiteness and to achieve the effect of pulp bleaching, so that the pulp has white color.

In paper production line, pulp and bleaching agent need to put in the pond, and continue to add washing water, with the help of pulp agitator to continuous stir in the pool in paper production line, and complete the whole process of mixing and chemical reaction, after the chemical process, the water with residual bleaching liquid and bleaching products are discharged through the washing drum inner cavity, finally get the white pulp.

H.C. Bleaching Tower

Nominal Volume: 50-150m3

Pulp Consistency: 28-32%

Bleaching Temperature: 60-70℃

Bleaching Time: 60-90min

Production Capacity: 50-260t/d

Motor Power: 30-37×2

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