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Pulp Blending Method In Papermaking

In some cases, in order to save high quality long fibers, it is often required to use two or more kinds of pulp to match papermaking. This is called pulp blending. There are two methods of pulp blending: batch and continuous.

Batch Slurry

Batch slurry is the volume and concentration of pulp in the metering pool, and is sent in batches to the slurry in the mixing pool according to the required proportion, which is the method used in the small and medium-sized paper mill which is frequently changed in the general variety.

Continuous Slurry

The continuous slurry is carried out continuously by a flow control device after the various pulp is first stabilized by the concentration regulator. The invention has the advantages of being convenient to realize automatic control, being suitable for large-scale factories with stable variety, continuous control of equipment of the pulp quantity, and the use of electromagnetic flow meters, but matching box is commomly used.

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