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Troubleshooting Of Paper Machine Problems


Paper machine production line is longer and complex, and paper machine problems often occurs in paper making process, there are some common troubleshooting of paper machine.

Paper Machine Problems

Production Inherent Downtime: In the process of wet part dewatering and dewatering elements using, the function will be degraded, and the dewatering and filtering can not be satisfied with the initial effect. There is also the replacement of the main process equipment, for example, when the wire and felt coincide with the service life, need to replace regularly; Press roller, stone roller weared by contacting with doctor blade, roller surface will have changes, it’s affect product quality.

Paper Machine Equipment Troubles:

1. Wear: It’s mainly the weared parts and equipment by long-term contacting with wire, pulp, felt or forming paper; Another reason is due to frequent movement between all parts.

2. Lubricating: Mechanical rotation directly related to the bearing, the paper machine base on rotating rollers, roller has more types and more quantities, various types of bearings are needed, therefore, lubrication is extremely necessary, especially affecting by the water , heavy load and high temperature, lubricating oil is easy to apperar evaporation, loss and aging, resulting in bad lubrication effect, bearing are damaged. Therefore, the regular lubrication is extremely vital.

3. Fatigue: Heavy and continuous operation of the paper machine easy to occur fatigue damage. In the paper machine, because some parts are constrained by the mechanical structure and operating principle, parts can not have too much design strength, to avoid damage caused by the phenomenon, can use maintenance techniques and other measures to solve.

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