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What Is The Ideal Coating Pigment?


When selecting one or several kinds of pigments for coating, it is actually selecting a certain performance or comprehensive performance of the coating, and selecting different kinds of coating pigments according to the coating requirements of different purposes. So what is the ideal coating pigment?

Perfect Coating Pigment Qualities

1. chemically stable, inert in water, insoluble;
2. all wavelengths of light can be reflected;
3. no impurities;
4. suitable particle size and particle shape distribution;
5. having a high refractive index and increasing opacity;
6. having a low adhesive requirement;
7. has good rheology;
8. can be dispersed at a high solid content;
9. having an appearance suitable for high light (very good coating gloss and high printing gloss);
10.has good compatibility (when mixed with other coating components);
11.low density, low hardness, low water absorption and low price.

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