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Where Is Hydraulic System Being Used?

Hydraulic system is used to increase the force by changing pressure in the process of paper making, and it can be applied in many parts of paper production machine.

Using Places

1. The opening and closing of action, such as the opening of head cover of headbox, the opening and closing of roller nip of the press machine and calender roll, the action of roller of the glue tank type beater, and the action of paper roll, etc;

2. The action of roller or frame, such as the fit of the top wire horizontal reel and the long wire, the upper and lower sides of chest roll, the action of tensioner, etc.

3. Controllable medium and high roller action, such as opening or closing, lubrication of the internal components of roller, lifting, etc.

4. Rewinder machine, slitting and other equipment will also use hydraulic equipment, there is linear motion or rotary motion.

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