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2880mm Corrugated Paper Machine For Sale

According to the demand from the market and customers, we have 2880mm corrugated paper machine for sale. In paper industry, it has less cost and better quality. At the same time, the whole corrugated paper making line from us can be used in your paper mill.

2880mm Corrugated Paper Machine Specification

Raw material: waste paper
Basic weight: 100 – 250gsm
Paper kind: high-strength corrugated paper, cardboard paper
Trimmed width: 2880mm
Working speed: 100 – 180m/min
Production capacity: 30 – 120t/d
Note: we also have paper pulping system, stock preparation system for sale.

Leizhan manufacturer, a company with rich experience of 40 years, always does everything within our capacity to supply equipment for paper mill. Therefore, our professional service and technology help customers get great profits.

For the cost and more details of 2880mm corrugated paper machine for sale, email or message us when you need at any time. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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