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Cardboard Paper Production Line Machine

The application of cardboard paper involves every aspect of our lives. As the demand increases, many customers want to produce cardboard paper in high volumes. Therefore, our engineers developed solutions about 550t cardboard paper production line machine, which can reduce your investment and achieve high output with high efficiency.

Cardboard Paper Production Line Machine

1. Raw material: wood pulp, waste shavings, waste paper, etc
2. Paper kind: cardboard paper, testliner board paper
3. Production capacity: design according to your need
4. LOCC pulping production line
d type hydrapulper-high density cleaner-inclined screen-first stage coarse screen-light impurity separator-reject separator-first stage low density cleaner-second low density cleaner-third stage low density cleaner-fine screen -inclined screen-pulp chest agiataor- dd=ouble disc refiner-inclined screen
5. Features: save energy, reduce cost, high efficiency, maximize waste paper to reduce fiber loss, etc

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