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Egg Tray Machine Mold Feature

Egg tray machine mold plays an important role in the process of egg tray production, quality of the egg tray is directly related to the mold, so if you want to study the production of egg trays, you must understand the mold. The egg tray machine mold is fixed, and each mold can only produce one type of egg tray, so you should choose mold correctly when selecting the egg tray to be produced. So how should the egg tray machine mold be selected? What are its features? The following is a brief introduction about these question.

Machine Mold Characteristics

The raw material of egg tray is waste paper, which is need to be stirred into pulp before production. The pulp contains about 10% aqueous fiber solution. The water needs to be filtered out during molding. Therefore, the mold must be a wire mold, so the wire molds must be arranged rightly, otherwise it is easy to block. When the egg tray is formed, the mold extrusion requires a filtration process to drain, so the wall thickness is consistent everywhere. After the pulp egg tray is formed, it is a wet water with a water content of about 70%, and the vacuum force should not exceed atmospheric pressure.

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