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Egg Tray Pulping Process

Egg tray generally refers to the packaging tools used to hold eggs, duck eggs and other eggs, its main function is to shock absorption, easy to transport and carry. According to the different materials, it can be divided into pulp egg tray, plastic egg tray, etc. According to the number of eggs, it can be divided into single egg tray and plate egg tray.

Egg Tray Making Details

1. Broke the waste paper (carton, book, newspaper, etc.) recovered on the market into paper pulp with specialized pulper.

2. The paper pulp concentration should be adjusted to 0.5%-1%.

3. Conveying the prepared pulp to paper pulp molding machine, and the pulp is adsorbed on the pulp forming mold by vacuum suction, drying or air drying after vacuum dewatering and forming.

The paper pulp egg tray is a novel environment-friendly product, and the recovered waste paper can be directly and physically crushed and used without industrial treatment.

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