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Grapple For Waste Paper Processing

As a manufacturer, we provide grapple for waste paper processing in D type continuous pulping system. And here has two type of grapple for kraft paper mill or corrugated paper project.

Grapple For Waste Paper Processing In Paper Mill

1. One of the grapples
Grab large impurities from sediment well. This machine has four “petal”, pneumatic operation.
2. Another grapple
Directly grab huge amount ot light impurities from the pulper’s barrel.
It has advantages of reducing deslagging time, greatly improve the pulper working efficiency.
3. About leizhan manufacturer
With 40 years of experience in paper industry, we are committed to providing pulp making equipment for paper mill. In addition, we also have paper machine for sale.

Our grapple was used for waste paper processing in paper mill project. Meanwhile, customers also adopted our whole set of machinery for paper production line.

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