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Hot Sale 4200mm Cardboard Paper Machine

In cardboard paper production line, our company provides hot sale 4200mm cardboard paper machine for paper mill, which can produce high quality and low cost cardboard paper. The pulp equipment and paper machines produced by our company sell well in many countries. Some details about cardboard paper machine are as follows.

Cardboard Paper Machine Details

Paper type: Cardboard Paper
Trimmed width: 4200mm
Basis weight: 180~400gsm
Capacity: 300t/d
Design speed: 420m/min
Paper pulping process: Paper Pulping — Pulp Cleaning — Pulp Screening — Pulp Refining

Leizhan specializes in pulp and paper machine nearly 40 years, supplying many typies of cardboard paper making machine. Feel free to contact us for more details,
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