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How To Save Energy During Pulp Refining

Due to the high consumption during pulp refining, it is of great significance to study the energy saving technology of the disc refiner to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution in the pulp and paper industry.

Methods For Reducing Energy Consumption Of Disc Refiner

1. Grinding disc clearance

According to the process requirements, the optimal disc grinding clearance needs to be determined empirically and experimentally. If the refining does not meet the requirements, it can be refined several times to gradually meet the process requirements; but in general, reducing the number of refining is beneficial to reduce energy consumption.

2. Grinding disc diameter

The power consumption of the refiner, the power consumption of the pumping action and the power consumption of the friction are all related to the diameter of the disc. The diameter of the disc is increased by the 5th power, the 2nd power and the 4th order of the outer diameter D of the disc. The square is enlarged.

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