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Hydrapulper Pulping Systems For Paper Mill

For paper mill production line, we provide low consistency hydrapulper pulping system. It has been used in customer’s kraft paper project, corrugated paper making line, or other paper production project.

Hydrapulper Pulping Systems For Paper Mill Project

Chain conveyor: continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper.
D type hydrapulper: suitable for pulping various kinds of raw material, such as waste paper.
Ragger: remove various kinds of twisting impurities in slurry.
Rope cutter: cut off the rope from ragger.
Drum screen: remove large light impurities in waste paper pulping system.
Grapple: grab large impurities.
Hydrapurger: remove light and heavy impurities of waste paper pulp.

This hydrapulper pulping systems can be fit for the capacity more than 30t/d. Centainly, if you have the paper project with large yield, we also have the equipment for you.

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