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Multi-Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine

Leizhan company supplies multi-wire multi-cylinder paper machine with high quality and cost reducing. Moreover, we also have full set of stock preparation system equipment in this paper production line. Most importantly, it brought better benefits for them.

Multi-Wire Multi-Cylinder Paper Machine Details

Raw material: EOCC/AOCC/LOCC(top layer wire), local waste paper(bottom layer wire)
Main products: testliner board paper, high strength corrugated paper
Output: 280T/D (based on 350m/min, 140gsm)
Basis weight range: 100-300gsm
Net paper width: 4300mm
Design speed: 400m/min

If you have any questions about our multi-wire multi-cylinder paper machine or need more information about stock preparation system machine for paper mill projects, please feel free to contact us. Our email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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