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Paper Machine Vacuum Pump


The Paper Machine is the heart of paper industry with many high capacity vacuum pumps and a vacuum system for paper machine press section dewatering. There are some problems in the vacuum pump associated with the seal water.

Vacuum Pump Problems

1. Bearing Problem: Bearing failure is usually caused by lubricant breakdown or excessive bearing loads. Importantly even can see the incorrect seal water rates.

2. Erosion Problem: Erosion problem is evident in the pump. If couldn’t be discovered, wear could cause extensive damage. Erosion causes are pump inlet and seal water supplies.

3. Corrosion Problem: Corrosion can be caused by low pH seal water or carryover, it will reduce pump cycle life greatly.

4. Calcium Buildup Problem: Calcium buildup will cause higher power consumption, reduction in pump capacity, lost production time due to the pump locking, and pump damage due to improper acid washings.

5. Cavitation Problem: Cavitation is caused by the gas bubbles, which under high pressure, is suddenly subjected to a low pressure. Incorrect seal water rates is one of the reason to cause it.

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