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Paper Machine Wire Part


Paper machine wire part is the key part of wet paper sheet forming, but also it’s the root causes of many paper defects, so what’s the paper defects easy caused in paper machine wire part?

Paper Machine Wire Part Paper Defects

1. Rejection pulp: The rejection pulp of wire side is one of the main causes of paper defects. If it’s soft, will produce paper holes, or cracking edge situation; If it’s heavy, will lead to broken paper. The rejection pulp of wire section is due to the wire of core layer is not clean. The wire of core layer is not clean may be due to the edge water adjustment is not good, it also may be due to the fluctuations of the white water tank level, the movement of forming section; In the export corner of top and core wire, sometimes may cause rejection pulp, that is the pulp gathered in the wire edge is too much, pay attention to it when making high weight paper.

2. Squirt cut: It’s a key component of paper machine, need to be particularly careful maintenance. Firstly, the pressure of squirt cut should be appropriate, too large will splash pulp, too small may can’t cut, pay attention to the changes of squirt cut pressure in the process of paper making, pull the squirt cut to adjust the paper width need to slow and steady.

3. Wire part High-pressure water: Cleaning timely, if the high-pressure water clogging, the forming section may have the problem of blocking by small fiber and resin plug, and make the wire part dehydration not free, and caused white shavings.

4. Spray starch tube: Easy to produce paper defects are: starch point, small bright spots (spray starch pressure is too large), and sometimes spray starch pressure is too small, starch not form mist, but is drop, this also cause continuous starch dripping paper defect on the paper.

5. Wire part vacuum regulation: Should pay attention to the the wet suction vacuum regulation, to ensure white water back flow; Adjust the vacuum to pay attention to the changes of waterline position; The vacuum degree of the paper sheet transfer the vacuum box should be guaranteed, otherwise there will appear that the paper sheet strip bad and appear pulp strips.

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