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Paper Mill Waste Paper Recycling And Pulping

In paper mill waste paper recycling and pulping projects, more and more paper mill customers are purchasing our pulping equipment. This is because our company’s waste paper recycling and pulping machine has the advantages of low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency and stable operation, which increases your profits.

Paper Mill Recycling And Pulping Machine

1. Production capacity: design according to your need
2. Recycling and pulp making line

chain conveyor-drum pulper-high density cleaner-first stage mid consistency coarse screen-second stage mid consistency coarse screen-light impurity separator-reject separator-first stage cleaner-second stage cleaner-third stage cleaner-fourth stage cleaner-first stage fiber fractionating screen-second stage fiber fractionating screen-middle fiber second stage low density cleaner-middle fiber third stage low density cleaner-long fiber fine screen-long fiber inclined screen-middle fiber inclined screen- short fiber inclined screen-short fiber pulp tower-middle fiber pulp tower-long fiber pulp tower

Leizhan company has focused on the pulp and paper industry for more than 45 years. Our paper mill waste paper recycling and pulping equipment has met the needs of many customers and helped them become more competitive in the market.

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