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Paper Pulping System Machine Ragger

The pulping machine ragger provided by our company is hot selling. The ragger can remove various twisted impurities in the slurry, such as iron wire, rope, plastic, cotton yarn, etc. And the ragger can be applied to various paper production lines and obtainable pulp. We also offer complete set of paper and pulping equipment.

Pulping Machine Ragger Overview

1. Function
It can remove various kinds of twisting impurities in pulp, such as iron wire, string, plastic, cotton yarn, etc.
2. Specification
Model: ZTS series
Speed: 0 – 60m/h
Certification: ISO, CE, etc.
3. Features
The speed is adjustable, the operation is stable, the operation is stable, and it has the characteristics of high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Apart from ragger, we also have hydrapulpers, rope cutters and grapple in the pulping system of our paper mill projects. For pricing and details, please feel free to send us an email or message.

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