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Paper Recycling Equipment Hydrapulper

As a manufacturer, we supply paper recycling equipment hydrapulper. The hydrapulper can be adopted in various kinds of pulp and paper production line

Paper Recycling Machine Hydrapulper Overview

1.Generally speaking, in paper recycling line, the waste paper is fully mixed with water through a hydrapulper to form a pulp.
2,The hydrapulper contact with the pulp stainless steel effectively improves the service life of the equipment. New energy-saving VOKES rotor, enhanced hydraulic circulation and fiber release.
3.The D-shaped structure changes the flow mode of the pulp, making the contact between the pulp and the rotor more rapid and frequent.

Our paper recycling equipment hydrapulper has been installed in many customers’ projects. They said the hydrapulper has better effect than others.
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