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Paper Sizing Machine


Paper Sizing Machine is the support device of paper machine, which improve the paper quality by promoting the interstice glossiness between the filled paper fiber and paper fiber after paper sizing has been conducted. The surface sizing machine can be divided into two types to manufacturing for different needs.

Surface Sizing Machine Types

Immersion Sizing Machine

Film Metering Sizing Machine

Surface Sizing Machine Compare

1. Immersion sizing machine only in the lower speed (increase the sizing roller diameter can increase the running speed) to ensure its stability; The film metering sizing machine can run at a higher speed.

2. The immersion sizing machine is superior to the film metering sizing machine in improving the paper sheet strength, but the immersion sizing machine need more starch, can’t control the glueamount, but film metering sizing machine is easy to control.

3. Now high-speed paper machine gradually prefer to the film metering sizing machine.

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