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Pulp Machine Single Effect Fiber Separator

A fiber separator is composed of groove body, impeller, sieve plate, transmission device, sediment pipe and base. The base is a main body support. The groove installed on the base is tapered as a whole. The small cone end of the groove is provided with a slurry inlet, and the center of the large cone end is provided with a light impurity discharge port.

Structure Of Fiber Separator

1. The center of the slot body is provided with a transmission device. The impeller is installed on the main shaft of the transmission device, and the main shaft drives the impeller to rotate at high speed.

2. A bottom knife is inlaid on the sieve plate to prevent the fiber from entanglement with the impeller.

3. The outer and lower part of the tank body is provided with a sediment pipe, and the pneumatic pipe is provided with two pneumatic slag discharge valves, and the regular discharge of heavy debris is controlled by an electric control box.

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