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Small Corrugated Paper Factory Machine Manufacturer

Depend on the demand from some customer, we provide small corrugated paper factory machine for their project. As the manufacturer and supplier, we have full set of equipment in corrugated paper making line.

Small Corrugated Paper Factory Machine Information

1. Raw material: waste paper, like locc
2. Production capacity: 15t/d
3. Basic weight: 60 – 100gsm
4. Equipment: corrugated paper machine, paper pulping line machine
5. Advantages: save energy, less investment cost, reduce maintenance, have stale ability to operate, get corrugated paper with great performance.
6. About Leizhan manufacturer information: 40 years experience in paper industry, export these machinery into most of countries in this world.

If you have small corrugated paper factory or need to start new project, welcome to contact us for the cost of machine, manufacturer details. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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