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The Function Of Paper Machine Forming Device

Once the wet paper sheet is formed in the forming device, the interlaced state of fiber in the paper is basically shaped, and the basic physical properties of paper are also determined. Subsequently, the pressing, drying and calender processes of the paper machine can only improve the properties of formed paper sheet to a limited extent. The forming device is usually a complex part of paper machine. In operation, the power consumption and maintenance cost of forming device account for a considerable proportion in the whole paper machine.

Forming Process Of Paper

1. The forming of paper sheet is a complex process, which can be simply regarded as the result that the fiber is gradually deposited on the forming wire surface and interwoven into a thin layer. In order to obtain uniform paper sheet, in addition to the good performance of flow equipment, it is also necessary to make the paper material on the forming wire surface for a reasonable dehydration process.

2. Generally speaking, the fiber suspension can be relatively calm and turbulent in the paper forming process by controlling the difference between the wire speed and the wire pulp speed, the shaking of wire case and the selection of appropriate dehydration elements, so that the deposited fiber can be dispersed evenly and without flocculation, at the same time, the improper excessive dehydration can be avoided, and the rubber, packing and fine fiber in the paper material will be lost too much, resulting in the difference of the properties of paper.

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