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Wire Section Rollers With Paper Machine

The tension roller is used for tensioning, and the proofing roller is used as a proofing net (some paper machines place the proofing roller between suction box and roller). The correct operation of these rolls directly affects the normal operation of opening headbox and the life of wire.

Tension Roller

After the tensioning roller is replaced with a new net, it is necessary to take the pre-tension of rotary paper machine to make it tension, which constitutes a flat mesh surface on the net case, and doesn’t slip during working. In the operation, because of the wear of net and the plastic deformation under the effect of tension, it will appear slack, and need to tighten the net in time.

Proofing Roller

During the working of proofing roller, the phenomenon of deviation is often presented. There are many reasons for the deviation, such as the change of orientation of each roller, non-parallel, vacuum box orientation is not correct or the vacuum is not uniform, the Internet concentration or the sizing amount is inconsistent, etc.

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