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450T/D Corrugated Paper Project Jiangxi, China


In July, 2017, Leizhan successfully delivers drum pulper equipment for Jiangxi paper mill 450T/D high strength corrugated paper making. The drum pulper is rational designed according to Jiang paper mill making requirements.

Drum Pulper Working Principle

The drum pulper can be divided into three part: pre-soaking part, pulping part and screen part. Firstly the raw material is conveyed by chain conveyor into drum pulper pre-soaking part to make the waste paper fully mixing with water. Secondly the wet waste paper will into drum pulper pulping part for continuous pulping under the effect of contant falls and strikes. Thirdly, the pulp will into screen part for screening pulp under the effect of water spary pipe washing. Finally the fine pulp will go into pulp chest for follow-up processing.

Customer Information

Customer: Jiangxi Paper Mill

Time: July, 2017

Project: Drum Pulper For 450T/D Corrugated Paper Project

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