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2400mm A4 Copy Paper Production Line

For 2400mm a4 copy paper production line, we provide complete paper making line machine, which has been used in cultural paper mill. With professional technology, our equipment has high quality. Meanwhile, it also can reduce your cost.

2400mm A4 Copy Paper Production Line Machine

1. A4 copy paper making machine
Raw material: wood pulp, virgin pulp, waste paper, etc.
Finish paper: a4 paper, copy paper, writing paper, priniting paper
Trimmed width: 2400mm
Production capacity: 10 – 20t/d
Basis weight: 40 – 80gsm
2. Paper pulping line
From pulp to paper making, we have paper pulping line, stock preparation project machine, such as pulper machine, high density cleaner, low density cleaner, etc.

About 2400mm A4 copy paper production line, you will get its total price, technical proposal, more details. Certainly, our enginner will give you professional advice for your paper mill project.

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