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Cylinder Mold For Paper Production Line

Cylinder mold is the main component on which the paper sheet is formed in the fourdrinier paper making machine, and it can be divided into general, sheet, air-extracting and vacuu cylinder mold according to its structure. On the other hand, it is divided into ordinary, full-copper and stainless steel cylinder mold according to its material.

Cylinder Mold In Paper Making Process

1. The bearing of cylinder mold is installed outside the mesh groove, and both ends of cylinder mold are contacted with the sidebox of mesh groove. After feeding slurry is inlet, the white water of cylinder mold is filtered through the copper wire, then enter into sidebox from two ends of cylinder mold and finally pumped out by white water pump to recycle.

2. The wire of cylinder mold is generally 8-16 mesh, and mainly used for dispersing pressure of couch roll and keeping the layer wire flat. The layer wire is relatively dense to filter the fibers to form paper web, typically 40-100 mesh. The amount of mesh mainly determined by the paper kind, and the most commonly used for the production of culture paper is 65 mesh.

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