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Deinking Principle And Process Of Waste Paper

The ink adheres toner particles in the ink to the paper fibers by printing, and the principle of deinking is exactly the opposite of printing principle, which is to destroy the adhesion of these particles to the fibers. Waste paper deinking process is a combination of chemical reaction and physical reaction.

Deinking For Paper Recycle

Waste paper deinking is generally a process that the deinking chemicals are used to break adhesion of printing ink to the fibers, separating the ink from fibers under appropriate temperature and mechanical external force, and separating them from the paper pulp.

Deinking Process

The whole process of deinking can be roughly divided into the following three steps:

1. Dissolve the separated fibers;

2. The ink is detached from fiber;

3. The ejected ink particles are removed from the slurry.

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