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Drum Pulper Pulping Equipment


Drum pulper developed by Zhengzhou Leizhan works in a consistency of 18%-22% and makes soft rub in waste paper, by doing this, paper fibers are fully dampened and separated, and save the strength and length of waste paper to the greatest extent.

Because this drum pulping equipment has no strongly moving rotor part, in the course of continuous pulping and coarse screening, dispensable stirring and shearing movement are saved. In this way, energy is only consumed by the rotation of drum pulper, about 50% energy is saved. By using the energy-saving and effective drum pulping system, soft pulping can reduce the secondary fiber cutting by beating section, which can guarantee the quality of final paper product. Also, it doesn’t break the physical size of impurities and begins preliminary screening in pulping section.

It expels light impurities in pulp from system, reduce the loading of subsequent screening process and improve screening effect. Drum pulper is equipped with stable and maintenance-free BFW series chain conveyor , it can realize the automatic control of pulping, thus guarantee pulp consistency and stable capacity.

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