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Fourdrinier Paper Machine Supplier


Fourdrinier paper machine is one of the most widely used paper machine in paper mill, it can be divide into many types according to different needs.

Fourdrinier Paper Machine Types

1. According to the number of shaper and dryer cylinder, fourdrinier paper machine can be divided into single fourdrinier, double fourdrinier, multi-fourdrinier, multi-cylinder fourdrinier, Yang Ke type and so on;

2. According to the speed, fourdrinier paper machine can be divided into low speed and high speed;

3. Paper machine for making newsprint and other bulk products are mostly high-speed paper machine, production capacity is large, speed is more than 1200m/min, paper width achieve 10m, is fourdrinier newsprint paper machine.

3600mm Fourdrinier Paper Machine Parameters

Paper Type: Kraft Paper, Corrugated Paper

Trimmed Width: 3600mm

Base Weight: 80-200g/m2

Capacity: 200t/d

Working Speed: 380m/min

Design Speed: 450m/min

Driving Type: AC Frequency Sectional Drive

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