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Fourdrinier Paper Making Machine

The fourdrinier paper machine is one of the most widely used paper machines in the paper industry. A paper machine can be seen as a combination of multiple devices. Generally, it can be divided into two parts: wet part and dry part. The wet part fourdrinier paper machine includes slurry flow device, wire section and press section; the dry part comprises drying section, calender and reeling machine.

Machine Transmission Point

1. The transmission point of fourdrinier paper machine is different depending on the size of paper machine. The small paper machine has only one main drive point, vacuum roll, such paper machine is relatively simple to operate, and there is no special requirement.

2. The medium and large paper machine wire department adopts multi-motor transmission. The main transmission points are vacuum roller and drive roller, and some paper machines also have guide roller to drive. This type of paper machine should have a load distribution during transmission operating.

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