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Method For Improving Paper Bulk


The paper bulk indicates the degree of paper density, that is, the porosity of paper. Generally speaking, in order to improve the bulk of paper, it is mainly considered from the following two aspects, one is the characteristics of fiber slurry, and the other is papermaking process technology.

Characteristics Of Fiber Slurry

The fiber morphology of paper fiber raw material has an important influence on the bulk of paper. Generally, the fiber has a high thickness and a high bulk.

In high-grade paper, the use of high-yield pulp to replace bleached sulphate hardwood pulp has been widely used; in paperboard, high-yield pulp as a core layer of paperboard can greatly improve the bulk and stiffness of paperboard.

Papermaking Process Technology

Beating: The higher beating degree of slurry, the greater paper sheet bulk.
Drying: Reduce the drying time can increase paper bulk effectively.
Press operation: The main purpose of the press is dehydration. The wide nip press and the shoe press can solve the contradiction between dewatering and bulk.

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