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Office Copy Paper Making Line Equipment

office copy paper is widely applied in offices, schools etc. Some customers want to produce high-quality office copy paper. To meet these requirements, our company provides a complete set of office copy paper making line machine, which has many advantages, the most important advantage is that stable operation brings better profits.

Office Copy Paper Machine Specification

1. Raw material: wood pulp, virgin pulp, waste paper
2. Finish paper: A4 paper, copy paper, office paper, etc
3. Trimmed width: 3300mm
4. Production capacity: 100 – 150t/d
5. Basis weight: 40 – 50gsm
6. Design speed: 550m/min

For office copy paper making line machine price and detailed information, our experts will provide you the best quote. Of course, if you need other equipment in the paper mill production line, we can also meet your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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