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Paper Machine Headbox Structure


Paper machine headbox is mainly for pulp distributing, homogenating and guniting, and headbox all function is achieved by pulp distributing, rectification part and pulp feeding device.

Pulp distributing device:

According to the principle of fluid dynamics, using the regular variable section, the feeding pulp flow along the paper machine basic width is distributed evenly in a certain pressure, velocity and flow.

Rectification part:

Using rectifier elements and turbulence generators to generate turbulence of appropriate scale and intensity, effectively distribute the fiber, prevent fiber flocculation, as far as possible to maintain the fiber astatic arrangement, so that the fiber in feeding pulp stay in a uniform dispersed state.

Pulp feeding device:

To make the pulp evenly, with a certain angle and spouting velocity to jet the jet nit point of paper machine wire section, and to provide the adjustment of basic weight of paper machine trimmed width, water micro-adjustment and pulp flow turbulence, flocculation scale to ensure the required paper quality.

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