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Paper Machine Malfunction Reasons

The function of paper machine is to produce new paper, which composed of main engines such as headbox, wire section, press section, drying section, calender, reeling machine and transmission, and auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication and heat recovery. However, during the process of operation, the machine may occur malfunction, what make paper equipment out of control? The reasons can be concluded as follows.

Factors Lead To Fault

1.Wear: spare parts and equipment that are in contact with copper mesh, felt or paper pulp, and forming paper for a long time, such as pulp pump, pulper, cleaner, vacuum box panel, press roll, calender roll, etc. On the other hand, frequent move between spare parts such as doctor, inlet heads, cylinders, vacuum rolls, vacuum pumps, etc.

2.Lubrication: mechanical rotation can’t be separated from bearing, paper machine is mainly based on rotating roller, the type and number of rollers are numerous, there are hundreds of various types of bearings, so lubrication management is also very important. Especially affected by water, high temperature and heavy load, lubricating oil is easy to lose, evaporate and age, which may destroy lubricating effect, resulting in bearing damage and shaft wear. Therefore, regular inspection of fueling is essential.

3.Fatigue: heavy load and continuous operation is prone to fatigue damage for machine. About paper machine, because some parts are restricted by mechanical structure and operating principle, parts such as: mesh case vibration spring plate, electromagnetic clutch suction cup, coupling anti-overload pin, etc, the design strength can’t be too large to prevent damage.

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