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Paper Making Felt


Paper machine felt is indispensable part in paper making process. Although the paper making felt only take a small proportion in the total cost, its quality have a huge impact on paper making, so what are the quality parameters of paper making felt?

Paper Making Felt Parameters

Felt length and width: Felt width need to support the full paper sheet width, felt is too wide, not only increase the felt unit consumption, and even tear the felt; Felt width is narrow, the felt may not be able to effectively cover the paper machine suction box cover, and can not support full paper sheet; The felt length must match the paper machine operating structure, and be able to withstand the tension for the machine running. If the felt length is too long to reach the required operating tension of the paper machine, and the felt length is too short, can not be properly installed.

Felt Weight: In the paper making process, the felt with the wet paper sheet is subjected to the pressing force in paper machine press section, which requires that the felt weight is moderate, reasonably constructed and is capable of receiving a certain moisture from the wet paper sheet.

Felt Compressibility: Felt must maintain a certain compressibility. Felt anti-compression ability is directly related to the felt using stability, and if the paper machine achieve steady-state press.

Abrasion resistance: The wear resistance of felt is that under a certain pressure condition, the felt damage degree of the friction between felt with the roller and the vacuum components in the paper machine press section.

Saturated water Saturated water of the felt refers to the amount of water that can be absorbed by the felt under static conditions, characterize the ability of the felt to absorb moisture from the wet paper. The felt should have a certain volume to absorb the water squeezed out of the wet paper. At the same time the felt can achieve the dehydration capacity designed by vacuum dewatering tank under a certain pressure.

Smoothness The smoothness of felt directly affects the paper surface properties and the printing quality. The smoothness of the felt is mainly determined by the base fabric and the surface fibers.

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