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Printing Paper Two-Sidedness Problems


Two-sidedness of paper is easy formed in paper making process, so what’s the effect of paper two-sidedness on paper printing, and how to solve the printing paper two-sidedness problems?

Effect Of Paper Two-Sidedness On Printing

The paper two-sidedness has a great influence on the quality of the printing, and the difference of the paper two sides smoothness and the sizing degree causes the difference of the paper two-side acceptability and absorbability for the ink. When the paper two sides absorb difference is too large, the printed ink of two sides is different, and even printing problems occur. The smoothness of the front paper is higher, the inking effect is better, but the surface strength is lower than the reverse side, and the hairiness is more likely to occur in the printing.

How To Solve Printing Paper Two-Sidedness Problems?

With the continuous improvement of papermaking technology and equipment, and the paper two-sidedness is also gradually reduced. Such as papermaking machine use the vertical twin-wire paper machine, the wire section is dewatering of two sides at the same time, so that the paper two-sides tends to be consistent; The use of chemical retention agent, so that the filler and fine fibers in the opposite side as much as possible to retain and reduce the loss, so that the paper two-sidedness to improve; The rational use of press and calendering machine, can also be effective to improve the paper two-sidedness.

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