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Pulp And Paper Refiner Machine Manufacturer

In paper making line, we can provide pulp and paper refiner machine. As a manufacturer, we can also give you best quotation and high-speed delivery for your paper mill.

Pulp And Paper Refiner Machine Manufacturer Details

1. Paper mill refiner equipment
Role: used for pulping, improving slurry beating degree to meet the paper making needs.
Advantages: excellent beating degree, energy-saving performance, less maintenance, etc.
Features: it can be suitable for different kinds of raw material, such as wood pulp, waste paper pulp, mechanical pulp, chemcial pulp, etc.
2. Leizhan manufacturer
We are specialized in complete set of pulping, screening, slag removing and refining machine for paper mill production line.

About the price of pulp and paper refiner machine or details of Leizhan manufacturer, welcome to send email to us at any time. Email: leizhanpulper@gmail.com

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